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Replacement Roofs
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Perhaps you’ve recently bought a home with a Conservatory attached. Maybe you installed one a long time ago. Either way, if your conservatory suffers from being too cold, it will have become a space that is virtually unusable. Does this mean that you need to tear the entire structure down and replace it (which would be expensive)? Not necessarily. If the doors and windows in your conservatory are functioning normally, you could just replace the roof.

By replacing your Conservatory roof, you won’t just benefit from a new space you can use, you’ll also notice a reduction in your heating costs. Your carbon footprint will reduce too, which means your decision will have an environmental impact. A brand-new conservatory roof will be thermally efficient. It will produce a lower U-value score – indicating that your structure offers excellent levels of insulation. Your room will be more comfortable, and the market-appeal of your home will rise.

Glass Roofs

Replacing the polycarbonate panels on your existing Conservatory with a new glass roof can breathe life into an area of your home. Having a conservatory can be a real bonus, as an extra room to spread out in, but can become redundant because of the roof - Prone to leaking, incredibly noisy when it rains, unbearably hot in the height of summer and too cold in the Winter.

Plastic/polycarbonate roofs warp over time, resulting in draughts and potential leaks. A conservatory with a glass roof will be cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Depending on the glass you choose, they can reflect up to 78% of the suns rays.  A replacement glass conservatory roof can usually can be fitted onto the existing window frame units. Glass benefits from infrared heat protection too, with up to 50% less noise than a plastic roof. The noise will be drastically reduced resulting in less impact on the rooms around it, particulary when it rains!

A replacement Glass Conservatory roof benefits from blocking up to 68% of glare and blocks 94% of the suns rays. So truly making this into a room that you can use all year round.

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Edwardian Active Blue Glass Roof

Solid Roofs

We are proud to offer the revolutionary Leka solid roof System – A solid Conservatory Roofing Solution,

Providing the 'Genuinely' lightweight, tiled, solid conservatory roof. Through innovation, design and engineering, it is simply the finest high tech and cost effective solid roofing system available. 

 A highly advanced AND JHAI APPROVED 'Leka System', a solid conservatory roof that delivers.

You can be rest assured that our advice, knowledge and products are far more superior than competitor systems and delivered from hands on experience when delivering a solid conservatory roof

We have Listened to our customers opinions, and have identified the endless flaws of using Aluminium/Timber structures, the 'Leka System' is the 'only' one of its kind currently available on the global solid conservatory roof market today.


Click on our Leka roof Video page and see why it's streets ahead of the competition! 

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Lightweight tile effect Roof

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