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The Finest quality British made Doors

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A Beautiful Composite Door fully fitted for just *£999! 

*Choice of syles & colours from our Virtuoso range

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Insurance approved High Security Locks fitted as standard 

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Not only is the front door one of the main focal points to your home, it has to be safe and secure. Our superb range of Composite and uPVC doors give that finishing touch to your property, together in offering maximum security and assurance. From an extensive range of styles, colours and glass designs, we can create an expertly crafted door to be as individual as you are. 


With our 10 point door lock, we never compromise on ensuring your security, along with aesthetics and energy performance is standard on all our products.

Hard wearing, and durable doors - it's all in the design, making our products the safe choice for your home.

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uPVC Doors

The main lure of uPVC doors is their impressive durability; they are built to withstand heavy, frequent usage over time and provide optimum security for your home. Furthermore, they make a good first impression of your property because of their high quality & attractive features. 

uPVC front doors are very difficult to break, which means your home is better protected from criminals. The Polyvinyl Chloride of uPVC doors does not deteriorate over time and is resistant to rotting and rusting, which can be a problem with other types of doors. uPVC is a relatively inexpensive material compared to wood or aluminium; it is also much more resistant to fires, which makes it a safer option for families with young children or larger households, where the risk of any single fire incident is undoubtedly higher. 

Another major advantage of uPVC front doors is that you can customise them to your individual preferences. A minimalist, flat panel design is a cost-friendly option for people looking for a durable, high quality door on a budget that offers all of the practical benefits of other uPVC doors. Options include elaborate door designs that include Aztec Victorian Bevel windows or Marco Polo Bevel Cluster styles, which will add charm and elegance to your exterior and provide a great compliment for your home.

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Composite Doors

Composite doors are strong and sturdy and as the name may suggest, they are made out of a selection of materials, including rigid polyurethane, uPVC, and GRP. These materials make it far stronger and sturdier than a traditional uPVC door. This means that it will last longer than a uPVC door, while still sharing the low maintenance benefits of uPVC.

One of the biggest advantages of composite doors is the sheer range of options available. From traditional panelled doors, to modern full height glass panels, we offer an amazing choice of styles to compliment your home. Additionally, there is a wide range of handles, Knockers and Letter plates to customise your Door and make it truly unique.  

Composite doors have an authentic timber effect, which gives the appearance of a wooden door without the hassle of repeated maintenance - this is one of the most exciting advantages of composite doors. To compliment this, we offer an exciting range of colour options to complete the look. Our doors have been designed with thermal efficiency in mind. The composite materials, and the sealing system means that your home will be more energy efficient, reducing your energy bill costs.

Security is a big concern for any home owner. Our doors come with additional locking options which can give you total peace of mind. This includes the Yale keyless lock, which has a pin pad instead of a key. A composite door can also be fitted with an AV2 lock Slam lock, which automatically locks when it is closed.

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Patio & French Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Ideally suited as an additional access entrance, sliding Patio Doors offer the advantage in offering a wide access and as they do not open in or out, they will not have any impact on the internal and external areas of your home. Due to their capability of covering a large width, they offer the maximum amount of glass in a single unit to let the light flood in. Our beautifully crafted Patio Doors use the latest design and development features including super smooth glide tracks, making these doors incredibly easy to operate. Even with all this practically, Security is not compromised, with high security locking systems and anti-lift protectors fitted as standard.



French Doors

Designed as a sole or frequently access entrance, French doors are a stunning addition to any home and in recent years they have been growing rapidly in popularity. Our French doors incorporate high security espagnolette locking systems and full adjustable hinge systems for ultimate security. French doors effectively function as windows, allowing more light into your home. They are also extremely functional and robust, so they are perfect as an everyday access. The improved durability of French doors over the years has meant they are viable security doors – while their ever-expanding design options effectively serve homeowners seeking comfort and style.

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Bi-Fold Doors


Bi-fold doors are a great addition to any home. They provide a range of practical benefits and a sense of luxury, as well as bringing comfort and convenience and expanding your living space. 


Installing bifold doors is a great way of bringing the outdoors in and opening up access to your patio or garden space. This gives you both the pleasure of enjoying your outdoor space and the comfort of being indoors at the same time. Our superb bifold doors will make the best use of your room and the patio or lawn at the same time.

Unlike sliding patio doors, bifold doors take up very little space when open. That’s because they concertina back on themselves, rather than sliding behind another window. This offers the benefit of opening up your wall completely. A sliding patio door will always require another door to slide behind, so even if your wall space is too small for patio doors, bifold doors are still an option. You can even have them stack outside if you don’t have space in the room.

Having a wide set of bifold doors not only brings in plenty of natural light into your living space, but it also makes your home look slick and modern outside too. You can choose from a range of designs and styles to perfectly match the rest of your home, whether you want them to blend into the building materials or stand out for a greater impact.

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An Award Winning Composite Entrance Door, fully fitted in a Choice of four Contemporary designs and stunning Glass options.

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Special promotional offer only £999.00 Fully installed

      Chilton CS6                   Clifton CS7                    Clifton CS10                Carlton 2 CS8

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