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Glass Roofs
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Replacing the polycarbonate panels on your existing Conservatory with a new glass roof can breathe life into an area of your home. Having a conservatory can be a real bonus, as an extra room to spread out in, but can become redundant because of the roof - Prone to leaking, incredibly noisy when it rains, unbearably hot in the height of summer and too cold in the Winter.

Plastic/polycarbonate roofs warp over time, resulting in draughts and potential leaks. A conservatory with a glass roof will be cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Depending on the glass you choose, they can reflect up to 78% of the suns rays.  A replacement glass conservatory roof can usually can be fitted onto the existing window frame units. Glass benefits from infrared heat protection too, with up to 50% less noise than a plastic roof. The noise will be drastically reduced resulting in less impact on the rooms around it, particulary when it rains!

A replacement Glass Conservatory roof benefits from blocking up to 68% of glare and blocks 94% of the suns rays. So truly making this into a room that you can use all year round.

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