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Replacing the polycarbonate panels on your existing Conservatory with a new Glass Roof can breathe new life into It.

Cooler in summer and warmer in the winter, your new Glass roof can usually can be fitted onto the existing window frame units.


Glass benefits from infrared heat protection too, with up to 50% less noise than a plastic roof. The noise will be drastically reduced resulting in less impact on the rooms around it, particularly when it rains!

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Available in a superb range of styles, we can design a replacement roof to perfectly match your home.


Our replacement roof offers the benefit of being far more thermo-efficient, so you can enjoy your Conservatory all year round - Keeping it cooler during the Summer & retaining the warmth during the Winter. Independent research by AECON found savings of around £200 per year on a typical property


 Upgrading to a replacement roof you are turning your Conservatory into what is effectively  a sympathetic & versatile extension, adding real value to your home


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No matter whether it’s attached or detached the chances are your garage is not one of your favourite parts of your home. In fact, statistically there’s a 90% chance you don’t even keep your Car in it.

Garage conversions are a cost effective way to gain new living space, without compromising your existing garden area.

At Fairway Window Systems Ltd. we have extensive experience in turning an unwelcoming and under used Garage into a wonderful 'new' and genuinely usable part of your home.

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